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  • Meenakshi

    The meenakshi are fish people who live in Sylvitona. They can breath underwater. It is thought that the Meenakshi lived in Slyvitona since before the pirates came but nobody except for them know for sure. It is in not often that a Meenakshi will become …

  • Mountain Drawf

    Deep under the [[golden mountain]] in Sylvitona live a race of dwarves. Dwarves are short, stout, and thicker than a tree. In their culture, there is a lot more honour in craft and mechanics than anything else, they like tinkering with things. Dwarves …

  • High Elf

    High elves are commonplace in Sylvitona. Their wealthy ancestors came with the trade. Most High Elves are quite wealthy, however many have fallen on hard times in Sylvitona. You can recognise a High Elf by their pointy ears and their silvery hair. …

  • Tactac

    The Tactac are a race of natives to Sylvitona. They are made up entirely of halflings. They are often elusive and mysterious. !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/258141/180px-Wildsoul1.jpg?1383689570(180px-Wildsoul1.jpg)!

  • Lizardman


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