Captain Conroy

A king among pirates


Captain Conroy cuts a stark figure. When he walks into a room the room falls silent.
He has a gruff voice and dark, stormy eyes. You will know him by his red coat, he says he’d have to clean it far too often otherwise, and his jagged rapier.


Little is known about Captain Conroy.
He is one of the most famous pirates to ever roam the great sea of Sylvitona!
They say he once stole ten million peices of gold from a Ilaera ship. exceot, he didn’t have enough room on his ship for all the gold. Most pirates would leave some gold behind, but not him! He threatened the guard, telling him to wait. The guard waited three days for Conroy to return and even helped load up the gold.
Rumour says he was recently captured by the Ilaera. Rumours also say he’s part of the Pirate 10 but who knows if that even exists.

Captain Conroy

The treasure of Captain Mason Twagger