The treasure of Captain Mason

Our story so far: captain masons treasure

Epidosde one: Pirate crew needed.
After individual adventures in the town of Kingsport, the crew find themselves boarding a ship withCaptain madfellow, a pirate looking for a crew to help him find treasure. As the ship sets sail alarms are raised on the shore and the crew quickly realise that the ship they are sailing is stolen! The Ilaera, the oppressive policing force in kingsport, give them chase but they eventually escape. Though they are attacked more than once on the journey to the island of ascention, where the captain claims the treasure is, they make it there in one piece and quickly start to search for the aleged cave containing the treasure.
After a short search on the island the cave is found. The crew venture inside to find monsters, traps, and puzzles. They eventually make it outside with the promised treasure. There is celebrations on the ship until captain Madfellow steals the treasure and walks off the side of the ship. The last thing crew see is the captain walking across the water and seeming to conjour a ship from nowhere and sails off into the distance.
Episode two: Repairing the sails._
A heated debate for captaincy starts between the crew and is ended abruptly by a quick punch to Nilram’s face. The debate quickly abates but it is clear tensions are still high. During the night the sails of the ship are damaged by dagger crabs. The crew venture onto the island to find some way to repair it. Luckily a local tac tac tribe offers to repair it for them. While their sails are being repaired, the crew venture around the island. On the island, they find many strange things. Firstly large portions of the forest are rotting and jet black, within these areas of rotted forest the crew find possibly mutated animals including deer, which they witness the transformation of, and another strange creature fondly refered to as Tank in the autobiographical epitaph of his previous owner. But strangest of all is the appearance of a mysterious man dressed in silver armour. The man tried to give the crew a silver sword and when he did the crew mugged him and took his armour. The man didn’t seem to give much of a fuss and just seemed to wander off. The crew followed him to the crator at the top of the mountain on the island where he seemingly walked through a door which simply vanished behind him.
Episode three: Was that a dream?_
A thick smoke begins to engulf the deck of the ship during watch. The crew is one by one picked off by the smoke as they all pass out. They wake in a mysterious inn. Amoung them is a strange new character they have not met before, Bodynock the gnome. After some questioning they decide that he can join them and they set off together. There’s something strange about this town, the old races are still around. There are wood elves and gnomes, not seen for generations, even the dwarves it seems have come out of their mountain. The village is in preparation of a yearly festival to celebrate the harvest. While enjoying the festivities the crew are introduced to a young couple, Isobelle and Adrienne. Adrienne confides in the crew that he plans on proposing to Isobelle. He asks the crew to help him retrieve a silver apple from a nearby dungeon which he plans to present to Isobelle when he asks for her hand. The crew agree and they set off to find the dungeon. In the dungeon, the crew face many dangers and find treasures. These treasuers includ a mysterious shadowy glove which they failed to embew with it’s true power. A driad in the dungeon explained that this needed to be charged up using a “well of power” but the crew failed to find this. When they had found the end of the dungeon and the silver apple, Adrienne was forced to take a bite of the apple and turned slowely into a tree. The crew then woke up in their beds as if it had all been a dream.
Episode four: How did they find us?_
The crew decide to explore the island once more. While they are exploring the island they see a flare fired from the direction of the ship. The crew go to investigate. When they get to the ship they see the worst. Ilira ships everywhere! The crew see a small search party looking for them and they slip away quickly and quietly. On the north face of the island they discover a building surrounded by Ilira. They try to investigate but they get caught. A sudden sniper shot turns Mar unconsious. They run but are eventually caught and taken to prison. In prison they use a tactically placed riot with the help of Dastan the half-orc to procure digging tools which they used to escape from prison through a sewer system. When they get out of the sewers they are greated by Damian, whom they had met before in the prison, who helped them escape in the back of a food delivery kart. He took them back to the base of the Blue Scar Brothers. Where we left off, the crew were being introduced to Captain Oats.



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