An elegent, refined elven woman. An expert in herbology, from Taybi syndrome to tea brewing!


She’s tall and slim, even for a high elf. She has short cropped silvery hair. She wears white and blue.


Daughter to a famed merchant Trimalchio. After her father passed away and gave the family business to her brother it went to ruin. Several voyages ended in failure due to her brother’s ineptitude as a merchant led to bankrupcy for the family. The final voyage the brother made ended in the destruction of the family ship and the crew had to make their way back home on land as no other ships would escort the unluckly lot. The brother was driven to alcholhism due to his shame. The family name is now infamous and Vivica strives to disassociate herself from it. She now seeks to make her own fortune as a medic aboard any ship which will take her.


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