The treasure of Captain Mason

Wanted: Able bodied crewman

The journey begins

Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum!
The pirates life is great! Adventure! Treasure! Women! and to top it all off, life in the sun.
What could possibly be bad about that life?
That’s what everyone thought. It’s tough and dirty and you’ve gotten stuck in Kingsport. The work left with the pirates and you’ve since lost everything, being forced to live on the streets. The gaurds are too strict for a life of crime so there’s little else to do other than struggle along, looking for whatever work comes your way.
You’ll be lucky if you survive long enough to even try to last the winter! If the scurvy doesn’t kill you, the gaurds might!
Lucky for you (or unlucky as the case may be), Captain madfellow is looking for a crew!
He says he has a map to treasure and promises a split to any man who can help him find it!
This is what you always wanted right? Adventure! treasure! and the women will come later!
So you can follow Captain madfellow! and if you don’t like it you can get off my ship!
I suppose this captain must really be mad to be looking for a crew in this town!



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